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Gottlieb Mars God Of War


Machine:Mars God of War
Manufacturer:D. Gottlieb & Company, a Columbia Pictures Industries Company (1977-1983)
[Trade Name: Gottlieb]
Model Number:666
MPU:Gottlieb System 80
Type:Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
Production:5,240 units   (confirmed)

Mars God of War
 is a pinball game released in March 1981 by Gottlieb. Another that we have restored in the Gottlieb System 80 family.  It is notable for being the first Gottlieb pinball machine having speech. There is a Mars God of War along side a Black Hole in the National Pinball Museum in Baltimore, MD.  

Like Black Hole, Mars God of War has an inner and outer backglass.  The inner backglass features a Trojan in the center and has a mirrored finish for most of the glass.  Like many Mars God of War machines, this specimen  had a great deal of peeling on the inner backglass.   We are presently working on making a reproduction.  It is a very fun game to play.