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Gottlieb Roller Disco

Sale Price $945    SOLD

Machine:Roller Disco
Manufacturer:D. Gottlieb & Company, a Columbia Pictures Industries Company (1977-1983)
[Trade Name: Gottlieb]
Model Number:440 
MPU:Gottlieb System 1 
Type:Solid State Electronic (SS) [?] 
Production:2,400 units   (confirmed)

Roller Disco was manufactured by the D. Gottlieb and Company in 1980 in the Gottlieb System 1 series.  The system 1 series was the first solid state pinball machine for the company.  

This machine sports a new Nu-wumf CPU for great reliability and diagnosis.  The backglass is in excellent shape and the design is a classic of pinball machines of this era.  The playfield is in very good shape as well.  This machine has 4 flippers which allows for quite unique game play  We have added a custom sound board, wait until you hear it!

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Roller Disco